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Unikom's Ribbon Climber Robot Won Gold Medal

Written By Heni Puspita on Friday, May 6, 2011 | 4:57 PM

Two students from Unikom Robotics Division were directing flashlights to a arificial-light-powered robot . Solar-powered robot which can climb a ribbon like this robot can be applied in space to move between planes.

Every year, robot contests among university students always challenge the participants to design fire extinguisher robots. This type of robot is a standard for robot competition for years. However, not only this category that makes robot competition becomes interesting. At the 8th Annual Robogames helf in San Mateo, California, United States, on 15-17 April, 2011. There were five categories contested namely "Mech Wars," "Sumo 3 kg", "Ribbon Climber", "Fire Fighting", and "Maze/Micro Mouse".

Robotic team from Indonesian Computer University (Unikom) Bandung won two gold medals in this world level competition. Gold medals achieved were from the category "Fire Fighting" and "Ribbon Climber". Last year Unikom's team only took part in "Fire Figting" category and won a gold medal. This team consists of three students namely Hari Saffarudin Ariyani, Taufiq Nuzwir Nizar, and Ridyan Ardiyan, accompanied by their mentor, Yusrila Yeka Korlooza. Previously, this team won Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot in Hartford, Connecticut, United States on 9-10 April, 2011. Three robots created by this team became the first winner in category "RoboWaiter", first winner in advanced level and standard level.  

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