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Indonesia Supported Cairo International Fair 2011

Written By Heni Puspita on Sunday, May 1, 2011 | 1:43 PM

In the midst of Egypt's efforts to restore its economy after the revolution last January 25, Indonesia with its superior products returned to participate in the 44th Cairo International Fair (CIF). Indonesia's participation in the 44th CIF this year other than as an effort to promote qualified products such as batik, as well as an effort to show Indonesia's support toward the transition period in Egypt.

Cairo International Fair is the largest annual exhibition in Egypt. CIF 2011 held from 13 to 23 April, 2011. Unlike previous years where CIF was enlivened by more than 20 countries, this year the number of participating countries has fallen. For local participants, only 300 companies from 1,300 registered companies actively took part in the exhibition. Chairman of the Exhibition Sherif A. Salem admitted that the number of participants has fallen since some countries cancelled their participation in CIF 2011 because of safety reason.

Indonesia's participation in this event was specially covered by several Egyptian television channels. Egyptian TV channel in an interview to the Trade Attaché Embassy in Cairo, Lasmaningsih Pradjakusumah asked the reason Indonesia actively participated in CIF 2011. Responding to this question, Lasminingsih said that Indonesia wants to continue to support Egypt in any circumstances. This participation is expected to strengthen relation between Indonesia and Egypt.

Indonesia's booth's theme at CIF 2011 was "Batik Indonesia". Various batik products were displayed. The booth was also filled with other products such as tea, coffee, various bath and laundry soaps, plastic wares, etc. This booth received huge appreciation by the Egyptians. Direct interaction by the booth keepers and the near arrangement made Indonesia's booth became the most popular in CIF 2011. The demand for Indonesian products displayed and sold, especially for plastic ware products, was quite high. Value of retail transaction in Indonesia's booth up to the closing was recorded at USD 10,000.

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